Friday, 25 April 2014


So I decided to name my very first post, on my very first blog "Pilot" not knowing where this will end up.  This idea comes from my recent discovery of Netflix, on-demand, all-at-once, not waiting til next week television series watching.  So what if the series finales were dated years ago. (I watched all six season of Lost in about a months time. Its 2014 and that series wrapped up four years ago.)

Anyway, onto the topic of this blog. I've taken up a new obsession with beauty box subscriptions and beauty products in general.  Sort of a rediscovery of make-up and skincare products. In the last few months I've subscribed to ipsy and Beauty Box 5. I've also developed an obsession with Korean beauty products and ordered ten Memeboxes within a 10-day period, even though the one only Korean product I've ever tried was a sheet mask many years ago.  As I find more subs that interest me, I'll be adding to the list. 

"I Love Beauty Boxes" will feature unboxing and reviews of my beauty boxes as I receive them.

Stay tuned...