Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Memebox Superbox 14 Night Care

Memebox Superbox 14 Night Care

Here is the second of the three Supeboxes I just received: Memebox Superbox 14 Night Care. Again there are five items (with stated values in USD):
  1. Pure Lable Waterdrop Sleeping Mask, 120g ($6)
  2. Secret Key, Angel Moist Wrap Steam Cream, 80g ($34)
  3. Derma House Micro Pearl Scaling Cream, 280g ($7)
  4. Calmia Silky Perfect Foot Peeling, 160g ($17)
  5. Beausella Wrinkle Solution Placenta Eye Cream, 20g ($11)

This box was selling at retail value of $39.00, but Memebox did give a $10 discount for early birds.  The total retail value of the goods is $75 for spending $29 plus shipping. (Not as high value as the Superbox 13 Pore Care, but still decent.)

Pure Lable Waterdrop Sleeping Mask

Secret Key, Angel Moist Wrap Steam Cream

Derma House Micro Pearl Scaling Cream

Calmia Silky Perfect Foot Peeling
Update June 10, 2014:  I tried this foot peeling product last night. I have very neglected feet. The dry skin at the bottom of my heels have been bugging me for the last while, so I was more than happy to finally get a chance to test this out.

How to use: This package comes with a pair of "footsie", plastic on the outside with a cotton liner inside (same material as sheet masks).  You start by pouring the liquid in one footsie, put your foot in and tape it tight around your ankle. Repeat for other foot. Leave on for 1 to 2 hours (The whole time it felt like I was wearing wet socks, but you get over it soon enough). Rinse with warm water. (Since my feet was nice and soaked, I used the opportunity to scrub more dead skin off with a pumice stone).

Results: I wasn't expecting any miracles, as I know how much dead skin build up I have on my feet.  With one use my feet do feel a bit smoother (whether from the product or pumice stone, not sure) but I would definitely need another 3 or 4 more treatments to get 'baby feet'.  (Product card says to repeat every two weeks.) I'm sure it did do some work, since it dissolve my toe nail polish. ( NOTE: Do not use this product if you've just painted your toe nails!).

At $17 a package, this is pricey. I won't be stocking up on this anytime soon. I do have an order placed for the Superbox 25 Foot Care.  I can't wait to see what treats will be in there. Hopefully more of these, or a good scrub.

Major Update June 15, 2014: Its been five days since I last used this foot 'mask' and my feet are having a delayed reaction. Major skin peeling at the bottom of my feet.  Its like a very bad sun burn, but without the pain. Large pieces of skin has been peeling off the last two days revealing soft pink skin underneath. It looks very ugly, but its working, and can't wait for all the peeling to stop. Amazing...I take back my words...I would consider buying this again.

More Update June 16, 2014: The skin on my feet continue to peel off in large sheets..I've taken to wearing socks today as I don't want pieces of skin all over my dark wood floors in my house. Excited to see the final results.

Update June 19, 2014: Its been over a week since I last used this mask and I think all of my dead skin has peeled off. I can't believe that the bottom of my feet is smooth.  This product is amazing! My Mom wants this and so does my husband. I really hope more of this will be in the Footcare boxes that are coming out. 

Beausella Wrinkle Solution Placenta Eye Cream
I'm clearly overwhelmed with the number of products I have now. Will have to come back later to review them.

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