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Memebox Superbox 22 Pore Care 2

Memebox Superbox 22 Pore Care 2
Memebox Superbox 22 Pore Care 2, a follow up to Superbox 13 Pore Care 1 and prequel to soon-to-be shipped Superbox 36 Pore Care 3.   I'm rather self conscious of my large pores, so I had to buy this box (and any box with pore care products) to get any help I can get.  This box came with 6 fullsize items (with listed retail value in USD):
  1. Label Young Shocking Pack, 100g ($29)
  2. WithMe White Perfection Foaming Cleanser, 120ml ($29)
  3. Cheek Room, Loose Powder, 11g ($14)
  4. Tosowoong Spot Clean Pore Brush, ($24)
  5. Grinif Ultimate Pore Silk BB Primer, 15ml ($60)
  6. Cosrx Ciracle Pore Control Blackhead Off Sheet, 30ea ($14)
This box was selling for $39, with $7 Memepoints credit for future purchases.  The total retail value listed is $170. (Possibly inflated, but still good value).

Label Young Shocking Pack

1. Label Young Shocking Pack, 100g ($29)

Memebox Product Description: "When environmental toxins, dirt, and debris get under your skin, pores get clogged, and skin looks cloudy.  Label Young's shocking Pack clears up the complexion by getting to the bottom of skin and dissolving all dirt and oil."
How to Use: "Once a week or as often as needed, open pores with warm water.  Layer mask on wet face and massage for 1 minute.  Allow to dry, rinse well."
This product is described as a 3-in-1 Pore+Scrub+Cleansing.  Its a mask-like product that's slightly runny, with microbeads.  Memebox description says to apply this on a "wet face" and massage for 1 minute and let dry.  I would recommend to put it on a "dampface."  I tried putting on a wet face and it became a wet dripping mess getting into my eyes. Luckily it didn't sting my eyes. I didn't wait long enough for it to dry and had to wash it off.  The exfoliating action of the beads is just okay only (I prefer something more refine, eg. Dr. Brandt dermabrasion), but this did leave me with a clean face.  Wish there was some English on the box.

Update: Final thoughts: I finished this product off by using it religiously once or twice a week, and extending it to my neck and chest area. I don't believe this did anything amazing to my skin. Will not be buying this.

WithMe White Perfection Foaming Cleanser,

2. WithMe White Perfection Foaming Cleanser, 120ml ($29)

Memebox Product Description: "Made with silk and marine extracts, this foaming cleanser detoxifies the skin and gently yet effectively removes and dissolves oil and makeup. It rinses away pore-clogging surface debris, impurities, and excess oil to refine skin texture, brighten skin clarity and minimize the look of pores over time."
How to Use: "Gently massage cleanser onto dampened face to create a warming later.  Rinse clean with water. Use morning and evening."
I tried this cleaner today. It comes out as a pearly white creamy-foam that's stringy.  A little seems to be enough to give me a squeaky clean face.  I will be using this as my daily morning cleanser for the next while.

Update: 9/19/2014 Final Thoughts: This foam cleanser came during an onslaught of products I was getting in the mail, including cleansers. In an effort to maximize usage, I started using it as a body wash on my neck and chest, and even arms and legs (rather expensive for a body wash?). Now that this cleanser is coming to an end, I feel a bit of remorse. It washes off real easily compared to other cleansers I'm using. I will miss the squeakiness after rinsing off the foam. If by some chance that I run out of cleansers (probably not for the next couple years), I would seriously consider buying this again, but at a discount price, not $29.

Cheek Room, Loose Powder

3. Cheek Room, Loose Powder, 11g ($14)

Memebox Product Description: "This non-drying translucent powder sets makeup and creates a flawless finish.  With its unique light-reflecting ingredients, Cheek Room's Loose Powder creates a soft-focus appearance that smooths away fine lines and imperfections as it sets your makeup, and also works to control oil production on your face."
How to Use: Pat loose powder onto face over foundation, or by itself."

Tosowoong Spot Clean Pore Brush

4. Tosowoong Spot Clean Pore Brush, ($24)
Memebox Product Description: "Consisted of 0.045mm fine brush hair, this pore brush will gently yet very thoroughly cleanse deep into your pores, removing any excess blackheads or sebum previously unreached when cleansing with your hands."
How to Use: "Use cleaning oil to first remove thick color makeup.  then, apply the foam cleanser on top of the pore brush and gently lather and massage onto your face."
This brush is exceptionally soft.  I tried this the other day, and maybe I'm was using it wrong, because I wasn't too impressed.  It says to put a small amount of foam cleanser on the brush and lather and massage your face.  The size of the brush is rather small, so its definitely only for spot treatment. Don't think I'll be using this brush much.
Grinif Ultimate Pore Silk BB Primer

5. Grinif Ultimate Pore Silk BB Primer, 15ml ($60)
Memebox Product Description: "This silky primer smoothes and perfects the skin, while the unique formula fills in fine lines and pores for a flawless finish."
How to Use: "Smooth over clean, moisturized skin.  Can be worm alone or underneath foundation."

Cosrx Ciracle Pore Control Blackhead Off Sheet

5. Cosrx Ciracle Pore Control Blackhead Off Sheet, 30ea ($14)
Memebox Product Description: "Say good-by to all the blackheads and whiteheads fattening up and enlarging your pores with Cosrx's famous Pore Control Blackhead Off Sheet.  As the name goes, this pore control sheet will literally remove all excess blackheads off your pores."
How to Use: "Place the pore control off sheet over your nose or any other areas of your face with enlarged pores and excess blackheads.  After 15 minute, remove the sheet and rinse off all the blackheads and sebum pulled out from your pores."
This is the first nose blackhead sheet I've used that isn't a peel off strip.  It comes as a round circIe soaked in clear oily-fluid.  You're suppose to put it on your nose/cheek/chin and let it sit for 15 minutes, remove and clean off the gunk.  I tried this once so far without reading the instructions, and probably I had poor lighting in my bathroom, but didn't see too much stuff come out (OR, maybe I don't have much blackhead left?? =).  The round shape is rather awkward and kind of too big for my nose area, so I ended cutting it up in half, using it one piece on my nose and one on my chin.  I'm going to try this again using a pore extractor next time to help withe the gunk removal.
UPDATE July 30/14:  I've given this product a couple more tries (including full sheets on my nose). It just doesn't sit properly and I've been making slits in it so that it would fold down over the tip of my nose. Still, I haven't seen any improvement or difference in my pore cleanliness. Gonna pass this on to my sister to try out. Hopefully she'll have better luck with it.

I'm quite happy with this purchase and looking forward to Superbox 36 Pore Care 3, which is still available for purchase on Memebox site.  

Visit my Memebox page for more information on current boxes in stock and list of Memebox blog posts.  See also Current Promotions for current discounts.

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