Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Memebox Superbox 27 Anti-aging 2

Memebox Superbox 27 Anti-aging 2

One of my favorite Memebox Superboxes is back for a second time, Memebox Superbox 27 Anti-aging 2. Superbox 6 Anti-aging 1 was full of goodies and so is this one.  This box contains six full size items (stated prices in USD):
  1. Nasarang Jasmu Eye Serum, 30ml ($65)
  2. Petitfee Gold EGF Eye Patch, 1.4g x 60 ($18)
  3. Tosowoong Anti-Wrinkle BTX, 40ml ($22)
  4. DK Peptide Toner (Sovaco HEP-30 Revolution Advanced Facial Calming Toner), 100ml ($38)
  5. DK Peptide Cream (Sovaco HEP-3D Revolution Advanced Facial 3D Cream), 50ml ($43)
  6. WondeRuci Propolis D.H.B. Serum, 50ml ($24)
This box was selling for $59 plus shipping (one of the more expensive Memeboxes). However, with discounts and purchasing in a bundle to save on shipping, I paid $49 including shipping for this box with a total value of over $200.  This box is currently sold out, however Superbox 50 Anti-aging 3 was just released this week and is still available for only $39.  Of course I have that ordered as well!

Nasarang Jasmu Eye Serum, 30ml
1. Nasarang Jasmu Eye Serum, 30ml ($65)
Memebox Product Card Description: "This premium eye serum brings to you the perfect combination of jasmine oil a.k.a. the king of essential oils and organic vegetable mucin renowned for its intense hydration.  A little bit different from snail mucin which is considered an animal mucin, vegetable mucin is extracted from plant roots and is extremely gentile and helps improve skin elasticity and heal damaged skin."
How to use: "After toner application, pump out 1-2 times and without pressing too hard, softly pat it in around your eye bags moving from the outer contour towards the inner contour."
Oh great, a vegan equivalent to snail mucin, this product has "vegetable mucin."  This product I will think I will enjoy using (not that I would mind snail mucin). Also, I prefer light texture eye serum over eye creams.

Update 9/19/2014: I finally opened this bottle of eye serum up last night. Don't know why I waited so long...its smells amazing to me...jasmine...I love it. I know smell is subjective, but jasmine is one of my favourite.  Now, I have a problem committing to using eye creams/serums daily. Maybe I'm just lazy..I tend to just spread my serums and face creams a bit close to my eyes and call it a night. But I hope this serum gets me into the habit of using it daily. Just hope that it works as well as it smells.
Update 12/20/2014: Have not been consistent in using this product..I still love it, but I still tend to skip over my eyecare....hope to not regret this.

Petitfee Gold EGF Eye Patch, 1.4g x 60
2. Petitfee Gold EGF Eye Patch, 1.4g x 60 ($18)
Memebox Product Description: "Enriched with high concentrates of gold and EGF, this hydro-gel eye patch works to deliver deep hydration and revitalization to your dry, sagging eye contours.  You can visibly notice how the hdyro-gel patch thins out after having worn it because all of its nutrients and moisture have been absorbed into your skin."
How to Use: "Place the eye patch underneath your eyes in an upward direction so the rounder end faces outwards. Rest for 30 minutes before removal."
A product containing gold sounds pretty classy.  What gold can actually do your skin I haven't the slightest clue. Since finding out that most products have a listed shelf life after opening, I've been paying more attention to all my products.  This one states a shelf life of 2 months. So with 30 pairs of eye patches does that mean using this every two days? 

Tosowoong Anti-Wrinkle BTX, 40ml
3. Tosowoong Anti-Wrinkle BTX, 40ml ($22)
Memebox Product Description: "An anti-wrinkle formula composed of adenosine and peptide Argiereline works to erase off signs of aging by tightening and increasing the skin elasticity.  Ginkgo leaf extracts and betaglucan also delivers abundant nutrients deep into your skin. "
How to Use: "Apply evenly over your face and neck."
Reading the description, I had to google what some of those ingredients are, as I'm no product expert and have no clue what these are: adenosine (no clue as how it relates to topical application), peptides (some sort of amino acid?) Argireline (a kind of peptide that relaxes facial muscle, therefore reducing appearance of wrinkles). I've barely scratched the surface, ..some serious research on anti-aging products ingredients is required in the near future. Add this to my to my checklist.

The instruction doesn't say what step in the skincare routine to use this product, but I'm gonna use the rule of thumb of using the more fluid product before thicker product. So this probably goes on after essence/serum and before the face cream.

DK Peptide Toner (Sovaco HEP-30 Revolution Advanced Facial Calming Toner), 100ml
4. DK Peptide Toner (Sovaco HEP-30 Revolution Advanced Facial Calming Toner), 100ml ($38)
Memebox Product Description: "This highly concentrated toner works to improve skin elasticity, cell regeneration and hydration all in one smart bottle!  It bases its formula on 3 main peptide components - hexapeptide, pentapeptide, and octapeptide - and its spray-type packaging also allows for an easy, quick application."
How to Use: "After cleansing, spray the toner 2-3 times over your face and pat it in for absorbance."
Happy to see a toner in this box. We don't seem to get many toners in the Memeboxes, at least the ones I have been getting don't include them.  And a spray-application sounds much easier to use.
UPDATE July 30/14: Have been using this toner twice a day for a week and so far no issues with the skin.  It has a light fragrance that doesn't linger, and is fast absorbing.  However, the spray application is another thing. I thought it would be cool, but I manage to always get toner in my eyes and mouth. Have now resorted to spraying it in the cup of my palm first then applying ot my face.

DK Peptide Cream (Sovaco HEP-3D Revolution Advanced Facial 3D Cream), 50ml
5. DK Peptide Cream (Sovaco HEP-3D Revolution Advanced Facial 3D Cream), 50ml ($43)
Memebox Product Description: "A richly nourishing facial cream from the same series as the facial toner, it also works to improve skin elasticity, cell regeneration and hydration all in one and bases its formula on 3 of the main peptide components - hexapeptide, pentapeptide and octapeptide." 
How to Use: "Apply the cream generously over your face at the end of the skincare routine.  Pat it into your skin for better absorbance as well."
Even happier than seeing toner in this box is a facial cream of the same brand as the toner.  I'm still wondering if it makes a difference or not if products you use in a skincare routine have to be from the same brand for compatibility. Probably not necessary, but probably doesn't hurt either.
UPDATE July 30/14: This cream is more of a gel-cream, very light and fast absorbing. Perfect for this summer weather. Have been using this with the toner for the past week and liking it so far.
UPDATE December 20/14: Finally nearing the end of this container! Have been quite satisfied with this cream and quite consistent in using it nightly. It has been hydrating without feeling greasy. But since I have many more creams to try out, its not something I love enough to want to stock up on.

WondeRuci Propolis D.H.B. Serum, 50ml
6. WondeRuci Propolis D.H.B. Serum, 50ml ($24)
Memebox Product Description: "More than 86% of this serum consists of real propolis extracts which protect the skin from external toxics, alleviate any damaged skin, and help maintain the most natural, healthy condition of the skin."
How to Use: "After toner application, take a couple drops and gently pat into your face. Then continue with the rest of your skincare routine."
I'm pleased to get another bottle of serum. I've taken a liking to essence/serum now. After cleansing its the one product that I haven't skipped using twice a day.

Update December 20, 2014: Started using this serum about a month ago. This is a thin fluid with a light fragrance, almost perfumey. I have picked this out of my stash to use based on expiry dates. I don't notice much of a difference when I use it or not. Verdict: okay only, not something I'll repurchase.

In summary, here is a comparison of the two anti-aging boxes so far:
Superbox 6 Anti-aging 1: Cost: $59 Total Value: $214.Contents: 6 full-size products and 2 sheet masks.  Contents: night cream, plumping gel-oil, sunscreen, eye gel, essence, eye cream, forehead mask and face mask.
Superbox 27 Anti-aging 2: Cost: $59 Total Value: $210Contents: 6 full-size products.  Contents in order of application: eye patch, eye serum, toner, serum, wrinkle cream, face cream.
Superbox 50 Anti-aging 3: Cost $39 Total Value: ?
Comparing the two boxes in terms of content, I like Superbox Anti-aging 2 better, only because the products can work together for an almost complete skincare routine. Anti-aging 1 seems to be an assortment of products. The only product I've been using almost routinely from Anti-aging 1 is the eye gel.  The night cream and the gel-oil, I've used a few times and the rest untouched.  Hopefully, I'll be using most of the products from this box soon. At which time, I'll come back to update this blog with my reviews.

Superbox 50 Anti-aging 3, along with Memebox Scrub Box and Memebox Tea Cosmetics, was released just a few days ago and I had to order one as well, especially with the VIP early-bird special of $7 discount. I think the anti-aging series will be a must-have for me.

It will be interesting to see what the contents will be, given the reduced price of $39.

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  1. Thanks for your review! I've ordered anti-aging box 3, can't wait to see what it contains

    1. You're welcome. Me too, can't wait for #3!

    2. Would love to hear what you think of your skin after using these products. Do you see a difference after a month of use, for example!?!?!

    3. I haven't been able to keep up with updating my blog as I use the stuff...I've been using the Savoco toner and face cream since this summer, almost nightly and almost done with them. Cannot say for certain if they've done anything for my skin in terms of anti-aging (I don't have wrinkles, yet). But I do like the face cream, as its gel-like and has not cause any skin problems. Its the only one that I've used to near the end (except for the Aloe Soothing Gel for Superfood). Will update the blog above with the other products I've tried.

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