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Memebox Superbox 18 Fermented Cosmetics

Memebox Superbox 18 Fermented Cosmetics

Four Memebox Superboxes came yesterday (Friday, and just before the weekend!). This is the first of them, Superbox 18 Fermented Cosmetics.  Retail value of $32 USD, this box has 6 products.

  1. E Choice Fermented Bean Sleeping Pack, 70g ($3)
  2. The Skin House Glactomyces Eye Cream, 30ml ($28)
  3. Grinif Glactomyces Treatment Toner, 120ml ($58)
  4. Swanicoco Intensive Vital Swan Cream, 50ml ($35)
  5. Whamisa Organic Seed Hair Essence, 120ml ($28)
  6. Sooryehan Fermented Evening Primrose Mask 22ml x 2 ($3) 
Total retail value of $155!

Superbox 18 Fermented Cosmetics Product Information Card
 This is the new product card pictures anymore =(. I miss the pictures.

E Choice Fermented Bean Sleeping Pack

The Skin House Glactomyces Eye Cream
 What is Glactomyces? Quick definition from Wikipedia: "Galactomyces is a genus of fungi in the family Dipodascaceae."

Grinif Glactomyces Treatment Toner
Update June 15, 2014: This is the first Korean toner I have ever tried, and I am completely impressed. First of all, my current skin care routine before-memebox time, consisted of cleanser and maybe moisturizing if needed and mask once in a while.  Sadly, the last time I used toner was probably a couple years bottle of toner has been collecting dust since then...and with good reason, it was 3% glycolic acid...which is too strong... The big difference with Korean toner is that it doesn't sting and dry your skin out.

When I first held this bottle of toner, it reminded me of a bottle of vodka, I guess because of the glass bottle with satin 'skin'.  I applied this toner Korean-style, by patting on my skin, instead of with a cotton pad.  It's extremely fast absorbing and my skin had the same satiny silk feeling as the bottle itself. Amazing...I have been using this twice a day and have not had any negative reaction.  The only down side with this toner is the that it has manly cologne smell, in my opinion.  Even if I don't buy this exact toner again, I'm definitely on board with always using toner.

Swanicoco Intensive Vital Swan Cream

Whamisa Organic Seed Hair Essence
Sooryehan Fermented Evening Primrose Mask
If you haven't opened an account with Memebox, they are giving $10 instead of $2 for new accounts.  My referral link is:

For an extra $5 credit, email after opening your account and say that referred you. 
UPDATE: Memebox stopped providing bonus points for new accounts as of July 2014.

Update June 9, 2014: Fermented Cosmetic 2 has just been released. Link.

Visit my Memebox page for more information on current boxes in stock and list of Memebox blog posts.  See also Current Promotions for special deals.

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