Friday, 9 May 2014

Memebox Hair & Body

Memebox Hair & Body
Memebox Hair & Body came in a different box than they usual bright pink box.  Light pink box with polka-dot interiors opening like a shoebox.  This box was heavy with contents inside. Published released date was April 23, 2014. I received this on May 2, 2014.  The retail value for this box was $23.00 plus shipping. This box contained 8 items:

  1. Rosapacific 19 Real Neck Sheet, 12g (stated value $3.50)
  2. 1004 Laboratory Kiss the Perfume Brilliant  Hair Treatment, 300g (stated value $49.00)
  3. Annagaspi Brilliant Body Design Patch, 2 pouch, 4 each (stated value $17.00)
  4. SD Hair Steam Hair Pack, 30g (stated value $21)
  5. Kocostar Nail Therapy 4g x 3 ea (stated value $15.00)
  6. Zivon Plu Scrub Oriental Jin+, 50g (stated value $6.25)
  7. EVAS Rose Mine Perfume Touch, 13g (stated value $17.00)
  8. Golden Glove Exfoliating Gloves (stated value $17.00)
Prices stated on the information card appear to be way overpriced. I'd like to find the actual retail prices of these items elsewhere.

Rosapacific 19 Real Neck Sheet

1004 Laboratory Kiss the Perfume Brilliant  Hair Treatment

1004 Laboratory Kiss the Perfume Brilliant  Hair Treatment

Annagaspi Brilliant Body Design Patch

SD Hair Steam Hair Pack

Kocostar Nail Therapy

Zivon Plu Scrub Oriental Jin+
Update 9/19/2014: Had a chance to try this body scrub last night. This is probably the best body scrub I've used and it smells nice too. The scrub particles are very refined and 'abrasive' (the more the better for me.) Its almost too good to be used on the body and could probably be used on the face. Too bad this is so small (relatively)  I would definitely consider buying this again.
EVAS Rose Mine Perfume Touch

Golden Glove Exfoliating Gloves

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