Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Memebox Global 17

Memebox Global 17 unboxed. This box was selling for $23 plus shipping, or in a bundle of  three for one shipping cost only. Here are the contents (with stated value in USD):

  1. Palan Crysence Home Care Pouch Set (Marin Shampoo, 4ea + Power Treatmetn, 4ea), 80ml ($14.88)
  2. Climax Water Pool Cleanser, 150ml ($34)
  3. Dr.MJ Real Mucin Restore Suncream SPF45 PA+++, 50g ($41)
  4. Cheek Room Lip Palette ($24)
  5. Shara Shara Pink Piggy Collagen Cream, 50ml ($22)
  6. Shara Shara Bee Tox Spot Cream, 15ml ($18)
Total Value of $154

Here is how Memebox described this box:

"Calling all Memebox fans once again,

We annouce the arrival of Memebox Global #17!

Our Memebox Global Editions have never failed your expectations and we can guarantee your utmost satisfaction in receiving this 17th Edition, also packed with beauty goodies totally worth the wait;)"

1. Palan Crysence Home Care Pouch Set (Marin Shampoo, 4ea + Power Treatment, 4ea), 80ml ($14.88)
Memebox Product Description: "Deluxe samples of Palan's famous 'protein shampoo' and 'protein treatment' highly praised by numerous hair stylists and top actresses in Korea. The Crysence Home Care hair kit not only nourishes damaged hair but also clarifies and rejuvenates sensitive scalp.  After just a single use, many have attested how their dry, mane-like locks have become dramatically softer, silkier, and glossier.  Formulated with 100% natural minerals, hydrolyzed protein, keratin, jojoba oil, salicornia herbacea, tea tree, meadowfoam seed oil, and citric acid."
How to Use: "Shampoo: Massage into hair and scalp thoroughly. Rinse off with lukewarm water. Treatment: Towel-dry to the point where hair is still wet but not dripping with water. Apply the formula thoroughly, spreading it over a handful of lock sat a time. Rinse off after 10-15 minutes."
I tried one of these foil packets a few a days ago and really like it. I have volumous, thick hair thats always, always, dry and frizzy. This actually made my hair feel really soft and smooth after one use. This is definitely a product I'll keep on my list to possibly rebuy. 

2. Climax Water Pool Cleanser, 150ml ($34)
Memebox Product Description: "This highly elastic, sticky textured Water Pool Cleanser is enriched with soda water and over 22 naturally-derived components.  Its innovative formula works wonders as the mucin-like gel melts onto skin, extracting and dissolving dirt, oil, and makeup residues piled up on the surface. Double cleanse with this miracle cleanser to completely suck away all residues and impurites from yoru face."
How to Use: "Wet face and gently massage until cleanser gets thick. Rinse off with lukewarm water."
My first impression of this bottle is that it's a household product cleaner...'pool' and glowing green colour, makes it look scary..and should not be put anywhere near my face...But after reading the description, I will try it out..I'm definitely in need of a good facial cleanser...with the daily use of makeup the past two months, my skin is starting to act out with a few white heads here and there.

3. Dr.MJ Real Mucin Restore Suncream SPF45 PA+++, 50g ($41)
Memebox Product Description: "Who says suncreams are only for the summer? UV protection has established itself as a beauty essential in Korea and has recently been taken more seriously in the Western beauty scene as well.  This milky suncream from Dr.MH works to hydrate, protect, and balance out the skin tone, smoothly coating a thin layer of nourishing snail secretion formula."
How to Use: "Apply thinly over clean face."
Snail secretion in sunscreen too?..its bound to happen...

4. Cheek Room Lip Palette ($24)
Memebox Product Description: "A Lip Palette with three different types of lip item - Color Lips, Shiny Lipstick, and Lip Balm.  The two Color LIps sparkle with luminosity and radiance wihile the Shine Lipstick gleam with fine perals and silky elegance, and the Lip Balm smoothly melts onto lips for lasting moisture boost."
How to Use: "Apply to lips using the mini lip brush included."
I actually like this and find a lip palette cute. I've received so many lip balms/gloss/stains in a tube recently, this is a nice change.

 5. Shara Shara Pink Piggy Collagen Cream, 50ml ($22)
Memebox Product Description: "A skin firming and nourishing cream containing high concentrates of collagen to greatly enhance the skin elasticity and resilience.  Naturally-derived formula made up of collagen, hyaluronic acid, and argan oil helps moisturize, rejuvenate, and treat fine lines & wrinkles.
How to Use: "Apply directly to clean face. Pat it in for full absorbance.

 6. Shara Shara Bee Tox Spot Cream, 15ml ($18)
Memebox Product Description: "A perfect spot cream for acne-prone skin types. This Bee Tox Spot Cream is formulated with bee venome extracts to helap control excessive sebum secretion and 6 kinds of herbal extracts to mitigate troubles spots and lbemishes for achieving cleare, more well-balanced skin."
How to Use: "Apply in small quantities to troubled spots."
This box is actually still in stock as of this posting. Ready to ship too!

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