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Memebox Colorbox 6 Pastel Hues

Memebox Colorbox 6 Pastel  Hues
Here is the third box in a bundle of three colorboxes. Here is Memebox Colorbox 6 Pastel Hues. This box was selling for $15 plus shipping, or in a bundle of three for $30.  The contents include (with stated values in USD):
  1. Revecen Moisture Shine Lip Gloss, 7ml ($16)
  2. Revecen Color Eye Shadow, 3.1g ($10)
  3. Revecen Perfect Star Powder, 3g ($11)
  4. Revecen Face Control Foundation, 17g ($22)

Total value of $59.
Here is how Memebox described this box:
"Thinking pastel shades are for wallflowers? So cliché. This season, Jordan-almond pastel colors have gone totally badass and totally edgy!

Wear these universally flattering pastel perfections on the eyes, lips, and face to brighten up the complexion and add a mouthwatering punch of color! Depending on how much you layer on, you can go from girl-next-door to full on vamp for a wide range of looks! With a pinkish pout, soft pastel eyes, a simple wash of color on the face, there’s virtually no room for error! We’ll show you how!"

1. Revecen Moisture Shine Lip Gloss, 7ml ($16)
Randomly selected from #02 Peach Orange, #11 Apricot Pink
Memebox Product Description: "Enriched with olive oil, this Moisture Shine Lip Gloss in sheer pink and orange shades create delicately glittering and plump lips while leaving lips super moist and supple without being sticky at all."
How to Use: "Use provided brush tip to apply the formula over lips."
This is a pretty coloured lip gloss, but with so many opened lip products, I'm going to wait awhile before I open more.

2. Revecen Color Eye Shadow, 3.1g ($10)
Randomly selected from B102 Pearl Light Salmon, B167 Pearl Turquoise
Memebox Product Description: "Formulated with various moisturizing minerals, Revecen's Color Eyeshadows are highly adhesive, water-proof, smudge-proof and produce rich pigment payoff with a long-lasting silky touch. To be worn alone or blend in with complimentary shades."
How to Use: "Use a shadow brush or your fingertip to apply the shadow over eyelids."
I've never worn pink eyeshadow before. I have a feeling it will just blend into my skin. This is a pretty colour, but I wished that I'd received the turquoise one. 

3. Revecen Perfect Star Powder, 3g ($11)
Randomly selected from #03 Pink, #08 Yellow, #10 Light Brown, #14 Ivory
Memebox Product Description: "Designed with a perfect mix of colour and shine, the Perfect Star Powder creates dramatic light-catching effects and brings instant sophistication to any makeup look. Layer it on top of contrasting eye shadow colors to create unique multi-dimensional effects, or use it alone for instant elegance!"
How to Use: "Carefully open lid. Set the lid on a steady surface, and tap out the powder onto the open lid. Use your finger, or an eye shadow brush to spread the powder across your lids."
With already a pink product in this box, I'm not too keen on getting this pink powder as well.

4. Revecen Face Control Foundation, 17g ($22)
Randomly selected from #001 Mint, #000 Light Yellow
Memebox Product Description: "This unique Face Control Foundation works to cover up skin imperfections and light up dull, darkened skin tone for a more refined, evenly balanced, an healthier-looking finish. Plus, it contains natural preservatives such as green tea extracts and magnolia extracts, and thus gentle and suitable for a ll skin types"
How to Use: "Use a makeup sponge or your finger to apply the hard-type foundation evenly over your face. Make sure to pat it in for full absorbance."
Not sure what to think of this. I think I'll use this more of a concealer, guessing that the green is meant to cover up redness. Will have to test it out. 

Another colorbox that leaves me disappointed.  Three out of the four items are pink! Would I buy it knowing what's in it? No. Even with the low price of $30 for 3 boxes, I think my money would have been better spent ordering actual makeup products I'd use.  Overall, not a great bundle to have purchase. I guess for only $10 and only four full size item, we can't expect too much in terms of variety per box.

For a list of Memeboxes sold to date, as well as my blog links go to my Memebox PageIf you're looking to make a purchase, be sure to check my Current Memebox Promotions blog for coupon codes and current sales.

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