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Memebox Special 11 Cacao Cosmetics

Memebox Cacao

So I bought this box only because of that amazing $15 off code and I HAD to buy something before the code expired.  Personally, this is one of the boxes that I can probably live without. Don't get me wrong, this box is amazing and I LOVE chocolate, the darker the better, but I guess smelling and looking like I'm dipped in chocolate isn't really for me.  This box was selling for $23 plus shipping, but with the promo code I got it for $14.99 including shipping.  The box contents include 6 full-size items (values in USD):
  1. Etude House Milk Talk, 200ml ($7)
  2. WondeRuci Cacao Brightening Mask, 100g ($38)
  3. Pure Smile Essence Mask Chocolate Milk, 23ml ($1)
  4. Evas Vitamin Cleansing Dessert Magic Cream Soap Coconut & Cacao, 130g ($18)
  5. Pure Smile Choosy Lip Scrub Chocolate, 25g ($11)
  6. Purederm Nose Pore Strips Choco Cacao, 6 strips ($6)
Total value of goods = $81. Not bad for paying$15.

This Memebox came in a pink and black box, different from the typical all pink boxes.

Etude House Milk Talk, 200ml

1.Etude House Milk Talk, 200ml ($7)
Memebox Product Description: "This adorably packaged body wash is one of Etude House's favorites among its fans for the heavenly sweet, chocolatey fragrance! Plus, it can be used as both a body wash and a bath milk - simply pour it in for a hot and bubbly chocolate bath.
How to Use: "Lather the body wash with a shower tool or a sponge and gently massage onto your body.  For taking a bath, pour in about 15ml of the body wash into a tub of warm water and jump in when it starts to bubble up."
WondeRuci Cacao Brightening Mask, 100g

2.WondeRuci Cacao Brightening Mask, 100g ($38)
Memebox Product Description: "Enjoy a luxurious aroma massage effect with with this Cacao Brightening Mask right in your home!  The real cacao components from the mask cleanse away all dirt and impurities piled up in your pores and the various minerals included work to moisturize and brighten up your complexion.  (The mask texture also looks, feels, and smells exactly like real chocolate so be careful not to eat it!)"
How to Use: "After toner application, spread the cacao mask evenly over your face, making sure to avoid the eye and lip areas. Rest for 15 minutes and then rinse off with warm water."
Pure Smile Essence Mask Chocolate Milk

3.Pure Smile Essence Mask Chocolate Milk, 23ml ($1)
Memebox Product Description: "Replenish your complexion into a baby-face with this Chocolate Milk Mask rich in milk protein nutrients, cacao extracts, vitamin e, and collagen which all work to hydrate and smooth out uneven skin texture."
How to Use: "After cleansing your face, place the mask sheet on.  Rest for 15-20 minutes before removal.  Gently pat in the remaining essence into your skin."
Evas Vitamin Cleansing Dessert Magic Cream Soap Coconut & Cacao, 130g 

4.Evas Vitamin Cleansing Dessert Magic Cream Soap Coconut & Cacao, 130g ($18)
Memebox Product Description: "While some cleansers with larger foam particles, excess vibration or friction can irritate the skin, this coconut and cacao-infused Cream Soap works gently yet thoroughly with micro foam particles that reach deeply into your pores, leaving your face refreshing clean and smooth."
How to Use: "Wash your hands clean first and lather the Cream Soap on your hands. Massage the foams onto your face from the inner towards the outer contours of the face.  Then use your fingers to gently roll the foams.  Rinse off with water and pat it dry."
Pure Smile Choosy Lip Scrub Chocolate, 25g

5.Pure Smile Choosy Lip Scrub Chocolate, 25g ($11)
Memebox Product Description: "This gently Choosy Lip Scrub is packed with all sorts of natural goodies - sugar, cacao extracts, bees wax, shea butter, jojoba oil, macadamia oil - for removing dead skins, deeply nourishing, and adding an extra luster to your dry, chapped lips."
How to Use: "Gently roll the lip scrub on your dry lips.  After massaging, remove the dead skins off with a warm towel or tissue.  Apply a nourishing lip treatment to soothe and moisturize yoru lips."
I received the same lip scrub product in my Memebox Milk Box recently, but in Chamomile Milk.  It will be awhile before I will be needing this one.
Purederm Nose Pore Strips Choco Cacao, 6 strips
6.Purederm Nose Pore Strips Choco Cacao, 6 strips ($6)

Memebox Product Description: "The Nose Pore Strips Choco Cacao is a  one-step pore care treatment specifically designed to unclog excess blackheads, whiteheads, dirt and oil piled up in your pores.  You'll feel a dramatic difference after just one use."
How to Use: "Thoroughly west your nose with water first, because the strip may not stick if nose is too dry.  Apply the strip to moistened nose area with the shiny side facing your skin.  Press down and smooth out any air bubbles.  Let the strip dry for 10-15 minutes.  Then, slowly and carefully peel off the strip starting from the edges.  Rinse off any residues with water."
After recently getting a set of six nose strips from my Memebox Superbox 30 Aloe Vera box, I'm not too excited to see more nose strips.   However, they are useful to have as back up of these to use once in awhile.  I do wonder if there is any difference between this and the Aloe strips, or just the smell?

This box is currently sold out and I know there are some people who would love to see this restocked. However, for me this may be the box that I have no urge to try the products anytime soon, only because I have a lot of similar products or, not wanting to put 'chocolate' on my face or smell like chocolate.

Its the beginning of the month again and Memebox has sent out new coupon codes. Check out my Current Memebox Promotions blog for savings.  Check out Memebox Page for a list of past Memebox blogs and current/past Memeboxes for sale.

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