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Memebox Special 18 Smile Care

Memebox Special 18 Smile Care

Got this surprise in the mail today - Memebox Smile Care. This only took 5 days to shipped to Canada via standard shipping (fastest ever!).  (Meanwhile several other Memeboxes shipped since end of July are still in limbo...) 
This box contained five full size items (with stated values in USD):
  1. Perioe 46cm Spray, 6.5ml ($4)
  2. Mdaida Butter Cream Lip Mask, 20ml ($15)
  3. Yufit Luminee-S 7 Days Teeth Whitening Program ($24)
  4. Mdaida Vita Sugar Lip Scrub, 20ml ($15)
  5. L'OCEAN Shea Butter Lip Balm, 3g ($9)
This box was selling for $19 plus shipping.  The total stated values of all the products is $67.  I bought this during the $15-off period and got it for only $10.99 plus shipping.

Memebox Description of Smile Care Box:
“Say cheese!” if this phrase makes you want to hide, we’re guessing that you’re not so psyched about your smile.

Whether its unsightly dry and thin lips, or discolored teeth that makes you cringe in front of the camera, smile with confidence with our Smile Care Box! It’s packed with products that add to plump and smoochable lips, and also products that whiten teeth to a brilliant, whiter smile! Studies show that people with healthy and youthful lips and pearly whites are perceived to be more successful and sociable, and this same survey also found that half of the men and women surveyed ranked a person’s smile more aesthetically alluring than gorge skin and glossy locks when considering the attraction level. Now that’s more of a reason to invest in your kisser! Smile. Cus it feels good!"

Perioe 46cm Spray
1. Perioe 46cm Spray, 6.5ml ($4)
Memebox Product Description: "This is the perfect carry-around mouth spray for those of you always having to brush your teeth after a good meal.  One quick spritz of the 46cm Spray will rid away any bad  breath and freshen up your spirits as well!"
How to Use: "Open up the lid and spray 1-2 times into your mouth."
I've never used one of these products in my life and probably won't try this. I suppose this belongs in a smile care box.  Not entirely sure why "Edward T. Hall" is on the product package. I googled this name and one American anthropologists showed up.

Mdaida Butter Cream Lip Mask and Vita Sugar Lip Scrub, 20ml each
2. Mdaida Butter Cream Lip Mask, 20ml ($15)
Memebox Product Description: "It only takes a quick 3 minute to deliver intense nourishment to your lips with this Butter Cream Lip Mask.  Enriched with vanilla, cacao, and shea butter, it'lll deeply treat your dry, chapped lips and make it soft and moist within 3 minutes!"
How to Use: "Spread out the lip mask evenly and thickly over dried lips.  After 2-3 minutes, remove the product with a tissue and finish off by applying a lip balm over top."
This mask smells really nice of vanilla and chocolate and the texture is like whipped butter. I think this may be my favorite product from the box. I can't wait til this fall when I'll really need this.

4. Mdaida Vita Sugar Lip Scrub, 20ml ($15)
Memebox Product Description: "Enriched with vitamin-rich grapefruit extracts, this Sugar Lip Scrub is extremely gentle and rejuvenating as well as effective in removing all the dead skin off your chapped lips. Use 2 - 3 times a week for best results.  It is highly recommended to apply the Butter Cream Lip Mask after having scrubbed your lips."
How to Use: "Apply the Sugar Lip Scrub over wet lips before or after cleansing. Gently exfoliate by massaging onto the lips with your finger, rinse off, and finish off with a nourishing lip balm."
This scrub smells really nice of grapefruit, but tastes bitter if you get it in your mouth.  The texture is quite smooth, but oily.  As a scrub, it doesn't seem to have enough grains compared to other scrubs, so I'm not sure how well of an exfoliator it is. I only tested it briefly on my lips, which aren't too dry, so I can't tell how well this will work yet.

Yufit Luminee-S 7 Days Teeth Whitening Program 
3. Yufit Luminee-S 7 Days Teeth Whitening Program ($24)
Memebox Product Description: "With this teeth whitening clinic which utilizes hydrogen peroxide - an ingredient used by real dentists - you'll be able to experience a brighter, more confident smile within 1 - 2 weeks of continuous use.  The refreshing mint scent gives and extra cooling effect as well."
How to Use: "Brush your teeth clean.  Strip off the teeth patch from its film and stick in onto your upper and lower teeth.  Note that there are separate patches for upper and lower teeth.  After over an hour, remove the patch and rinse off with water if necessary."
I don't use whitening strips because of my sensitive teeth/gums. Something tells me that I won't be liking this. But I may still give it a try. 
L'OCEAN Shea Butter Lip Balm " Cherry", 3g 
5. L'OCEAN Shea Butter Lip Balm, 3g ($9)
Memebox Product Description: "Enriched with sea butter and mango butter, L'OCEAN's popular Lip Balm moisturizes and treats dry, chapped lips by preventing dehydration and delivering deep nourishment.  This lip blam will make your lips looking more plump and healthy.  Plus, each of the five option sis infused with the following fruity colors and scents - grapes, peaches, citrus, cherries and grapefruit."
How to Use: "Apply the Lip Balm generously over your lips whenever needed."
The Christmas packaging for a product sent out in the middle of July tells me that they are too early or too late. Not sure what the bumpy texture on this lip balm is...I hesitate to test this out on my lips. Does smell nice of cherry though.

Overall a decent Memebox containing items that belong in a Smile Care box. Can't think of anything else that they could have included, except maybe one of those gel-lip patches. Not bad for a box selling for $19 (I wish all Memeboxes cost this much only!).
This box is currently sold out, but if you like lip products, you may want to consider the Memebox Superbox #49 All About Lips .  This box will probably have more to do with dressing up your lips, I'm guessing.

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