Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Memebox Superbox 25 Foot Care

Memebox Superbox 25 Foot Care came today.  After trying out the foot peeling mask from Superbox 14 Night Care, I've been anxiously waiting for this box to see what miracle products can help my poor dry feet (and those of my family members, as dry, cracked, callus feet seems to run in this family).  Contents of this Superbox included (with stated values in USD):
  1. Keyskin Foot Peeling Care, 20g x 2 (1 pair)($18)
  2. Blacklees The Ssak Mini File x 5 ea ($6)
  3. Blacklees The Ssak Foot Pack ($5)
  4. Dermahouse Foot & Heel Care, 70ml ($8)
  5. SUR Line Print Manicure ($18)
  6. Lala Nail Care Oil, 10ml x 2 ($36 per 10ml,....really??)
  7. Kavis Deo Under-Arm & Foot Powder, 30g ($14)
This box was selling for $23 plus shipping.  The total box value based on stated price is $127. (Memebox listed price tends to be inflated, and this one no doubt, but still good value for items provided).

Keyskin Foot Peeling Care, 1 pair
So excited to get another one of these foot peeling mask.  A foot care box is not a foot care box without this.  After recently using one of these from my Memebox Superbox Night Care, I will be giving this to one of my sisters to use.  Everyone needs to try one of these at least once.

Blacklees The Ssak Mini File x 5 ea
Foot file, I guess no real instructions needed...use during shower to remove dead skin cells.  The information card does say to use with a "foot peeling gel" for more effective results. (See below, the Dermahouse Foot & Heel Care product should go well with these files.)
Blacklees The Ssak Foot Pack
This is a foot pack to use after foot peeling.  Its suppose to be worn overnight to get hydrated feet in the morning. ...."Essence"  for your feet!
Dermahouse Foot & Heel Care, 70ml
Lucky for the English information card that came with box, or else I would think that this is just a moisturizing cream you put on your feet.  The instructions say to soak your heels for 30 minutes in warm water then dry it.  Apply this product and wait for 3 minutes, then use a foot file to remove dead skin.  
I'm super excited for this product and it came just in time.  My foot peeling mask I used a few weeks ago left me with soft smooth feet, but I'm beginning to see some dry skin build up, not enough for another foot peeling mask though. So this should be perfect to maintain smooth skin for a little while longer.
SUR Line Print Manicure
Okay, this shows finger nails, but I suppose it can work in a foot care box too.  This is a nail art kit that lets you transfer the printed design onto your nails using the base coat and transfer solution. Nail stamping I've done, but not nail transferring. The box included 3 sheets of 12 different line designs.  I guess its not the intent to have the same design on all 10 fingers (toes) nail, but I did note that one rectangle is big, so I may be able to fit two nails on one rectangle.  Wondering now if I can use print my own design on regular inkjet?..or is there anything special with the prints included. DIY project for later.
Lala Nail Care Oil, 10ml x 2
Two bottles of nail oil was included, "Deep Hydration" and "Quick Dry". The bottles come with a spatula attached to the lid for easy application.  I understand what "Deep Hydration" means, but "Quick Dry" not so sure...Perhaps I'll test one bottle on each foot to see the difference it makes.
These were listed as being $36 each...Not sure if that is a mistake or not..but for that price, these oils better be exceptional.
Kavis Deo Under-Arm & Foot Powder, 30g
Loose deodorant powder for feet or under-arm. Probably the least exciting thing in the box for me (only because I don't have a need for this), but nonetheless useful.  I shall give this to my husband to test out. WARNING: I had trouble opening this and made a mess. You are suppose to peel off the sticker at the top, then twist to open. I pulled the cap off and now I can't put it back properly.

Super happy about this box and so glad that I also purchased Foot Care 2 way back when. Unfortunately, both are sold out, but keep a look out for Foot Care 3 (I know I am).

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  1. That foot box looks great, way more interesting than it initially sounded

  2. Isn't it? I came to Memebox looking for skincare and I find other wonderful things.