Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Memebox Minibox 3

Memebox Minibox 3

Memebox Minibox 3 - After receiving this box, I have to take back what I said about Miniboxes in Memebox Minibox 2.  I absolutely adore this box.  I'm spending two months away from home and this is one of the first boxes I had sent to my destination.  Knowing that I would be getting several Memeboxes here, I did not pack much skincare products with me.  Lucky for me this box contains pretty much all you need for the basic Korean Skincare Routine.  Box contents included (with values in USD):
  1. illi Cleaning Oil and Foam Set (15ml each) plus 3 foil samples ($3.00)
  2. A. True Real Black Tea Tru Active Essence, 30ml ($8.50)
  3. A.True Darjeeling First Anti-wrinkle Cream, 10ml ($9.20)
  4. A.True Darjeeling Black Tea First Anti-Wrinkle Essence, 2ml x 5 foil samples ($12.50)
  5. Compagnie Coloniale, Earl Grey Superieur Tea Bags, 2pcs ($1.00)
Total estimated value of box approximately $34.  This box was selling for $15 with free shipping (I got this for $2 using promo codes and Memepoints).

illi Cleaning Oil and Foam Set 

I was very excited to get this set, to finally try the double-cleaning method. Basically, massage with cleansing oil on dry face to get rid of make-up, wash off. Then wash with foam cleanser.  Using this cleansing oil is not like putting oil on your face. It has an amazing jasmine scent, but not too strong. So massaging it on your face is like putting sweet flower nectar on your face..I love this and will be sad when its used up.  The foam cleanser smells just as amazing, and you only need a little.
A. True Real Black Tea Tru Active Essence

I've been using this a toner to pat on my face. This is fast absorbing and has no strong scent.  Like.
A.True Darjeeling First Anti-wrinkle Cream

I've been using this as a night cream after applying the essence.  This cream goes on smoothly and also has no strong scent or oily residue.

A.True Darjeeling Black Tea First Anti-Wrinkle Essence

I've been using this right after the Active Essence, and before the Anti-wrinkle cream.  Just wished this was an actual deluxe sample, and not only the foil package.

Compagnie Coloniale, Earl Grey Superieur Tea Bags

My first Memebox with non-beauty related products...tea bags.  This box also came with the tin box shown above.

This may be the first box that I'm actually going to use up all the contents (including the tea bags).  I don't think it will last the two months that I'm away from home, but at least a couple of weeks.  I've been using this set everyday for over a week and my skin feels nice and smooth.  If ever there was a box that I would rebuy, this would be it. I would probably buy a couple as gifts for my sisters or girlfriends as an introduction to Korean skincare routine.  I'm so looking forward to the Skincare Box and Cleaning Kit Box that will be shipped in July and August.

Happy Canada Day! (July 1st).  Check out new Memebox promotions I've compiled for the month of July.

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