Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Memebox Superbox 13 Pore Care

Memebox Superbox 13 Pore Care

This is Memebox Superbox 13 Pore Care, one of my long awaited boxes. I'm so excited with the box contents. I had no idea there could be so many products just for pores!  Box contents include (with stated values in USD):

  1. O'GCE Blackheads All Clear Nose Pack + Pore Tightener, 1 box ($11)
  2. Velieve White Clay Mask, 280ml ($35)
  3. SNP Pore Contracting Whitening Gel Cream, 100ml ($28)
  4. Nella Fantasia Pore Jelly Pop Blackhead Remover, 60ml ($29)
  5. Alonism Pore Tuning Erasing Balm, 30g ($34)
This box was selling at retail value of $39.00, but did have a $10 discount for early birds.  The total retail value of the goods is $137 for spending $29 plus shipping.

Information card is a bit different.  First time I see it without pictures of each item. 

Backside of information card.

O'GCE Blackheads All Clear Nose Pack + Pore Tightener
Yaah!! Another type of nose pack-- this one is a two step process, unlike the three-step, Skinmiso box in my Nakedbox 13. I'll have to decide which of the two to try first...

Velieve White Clay Mask
Update June 19, 2014: Today was a humid day and my face was sweating a lot. I thought it would be a good day to try this clay mask.  The mask is white and has the consistency of soft butter. This box comes with a small spatula to scoop the stuff up.  It applies smoothly and there is no fragrance.  At this point its hard to say if this has an contribution to my skin (which I notice is much smoother since I started this K-beauty regime).  I will definitely use this clay  mask again.

SNP Pore Contracting Whitening Gel Cream
This product reminds me of the Heart Face Pore Care Sleeping Pack I first saw in Luckybox 4.

Update June 19, 2014: This clear jelly goes on smoothly and has a nice lemony fragrance.  I've been using it a few times for a week.  So far I haven't noticed any difference yet in my pore size or skin colouring.

Nella Fantasia Pore Jelly Pop Blackhead Remover
 This looks like an interesting product. Can't wait to see what that brush can do.

Update June 10, 2014: Tried this out this afternoon.

How to use: Turn base of brush to open and squeeze out a small amount (centre of brush). Brush on to face for about 1 to 2 minutes, concentrating on T-zone.

This has a nice fragrance, but I could smell the ammonia, which is one of the products listed.  I couldn't tell much of a difference in my skin or blackheads after one use.  The brush is nice and soft though, so I guess my face got a massage if anything.  I guess when it comes to pore removal (so far), nothing beats the Wow-factor of the gunk that comes out with the nose strips.

Alonism Pore Tuning Erasing Balm

A total of five items in this box that are worth more than the box value. This box is currently sold out, but Pore Care #2 is still available.  See image below to purchase, or come back later when I get my box (ships June 22, 2014)

Pore Care Box 3 is also available, shipping July 25, 2014. Link.

Visit my Memebox page for more information on current boxes in stock and list of Memebox blog posts.  See also Current Promotions for special deals.

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