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Memebox Superbox 19 Honey

Memebox Superbox 19 Honey
 Memebox Superbox 19 Honey. If you love honey or honey bees, this box is for you. Retail price of this Superbox was $39 USD ($29 for early birds), there are six products:
  1. Skin Factory Real Honey Ampoule Mask Pack ($2) 
  2. YuYu Healthcare Honey Balm Glow, 5g ($11)
  3. Secret Key Honey Bees Ac Control Spot Remover, 15ml ($41)
  4. Beauty Recipe Propolis Magic Ampoule, 30ml ($43)
  5. Nella Fantasia Honey One Snail Ultra Moisture Cream, 100g ($38)
  6. Pure Smile Snail Hand Cream Honey, 60g ($5)
Total retail value of $140, not bad whether purchased at $29 or $39.

Skin Factory Real Honey Ampoule Mask Pack 
A bit disappointing that only one mask was provided, especially for one that is valued at only $2. Memebox should always give two sheet mask as a standard, IMHO.

Update Oct 17/14: Just tried this mask this week, twice...yes, there was just so much essence in the package that I ended up saving it the first time and using a plain mask sheet a few days later...and I still had more essence..even for a third use, if I wanted to. I can't believe how much essence there is..and when I saw the package it actually says "30ml". Just to put that into perspective, a small deluxe sample size bottle of essence is usually 30ml, and that takes me a month to finish if I use it everyday, twice a day!  As for the mask itself, I found the sheet to be slightly smaller than what I've used before. I don't really have a big nose, and yet it didn't cover my entire nose..perhaps the cut is not right.  What it does for my skin? at this point I can't tell much with too much of my other products in use. I would consider buying this brand of mask again, if not for the cheap factor (three use in one pack..haha).

YuYu Healthcare Honey Balm Glow
This product, I had to open and try right away.  After several Memeboxes, I was waiting hoping for a lip balm product as I tend to have dry lips year round.  This is a clear balm that smells deliciously like honey.  I've used it twice so far and my lips do feel less dry.  The balm is a bit hard and does need a couple swipes to get on the finger, or perhaps warming it up helps. So far I like it.
Secret Key Honey Bees Ac Control Spot Remover
I'm interested in trying this out soon. Had a closer look at my face and I do notice spots, whether freckles, blemish or age spots, not sure, probably a combination.  But to see if it works, I'll try to take some before pictures first.

Beauty Recipe Propolis Magic Ampoule
 Adding to the honey theme, this came in a hexagonal box... cute!

Update Oct.2/14: This is a fast absorbing ampoule. Its pretty much clear and fragrance-free. I ended up finishing up the bottle in a months time.

Nella Fantasia Honey One Snail Ultra Moisture Cream
This is probably the first snail containing product that doesn't make me think about snail slime. There is something about combining the sweet honey bee with the snail that makes it so cute and friendly.

Pure Smile Snail Hand Cream Honey
More snail-infused products..again, not so bad when its mixed with honey.  I'm so tempted to try this hand cream. But my frame of mind right now is to finish current products first before opening up new ones.  Currently, I have about three or four opened and partly used L'Occitaine hand creams. But things may change, I'm going to be evaluating my product inventory soon and the product expiry dates will have to dictate what I have to start using right away, give away and by when. (more on my excel file beauty product inventory list later.)

Overall I'm happy with this box.  The packaging and colour theme makes this really stand out.  Will have to come back and review product effectiveness later. Like most boxes, this is currently sold out. But who knows, Memebox is known to restock certain boxes or come out with new versions.

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